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Today, an increase in enterprise mobility is changing the way in which businesses perform. Wireless expense management has become a complex task for many organizations. As a result, businesses overspend on wireless expenses due to the lack of visibility and expertise in the area of hidden savings opportunities.

SutiWEM-S, web-based Wireless Expense Management solution helps improve visibility into wireless usage patterns and spending and identifies areas to save. The portal provides access to the sophisticated capabilities of wireless billing optimization. This optimization significantly reduces cost and makes intelligent recommendations based on your company's actual usage. The solution presents a breakdown of saving recommendations in an easy to understand format while highlighting the root causes of over and under usage.

How it works

SutiWEM-S provides an easy to use portal that automates your wireless optimization process. Simply select your carrier(s) and rate plans, upload your usage data, and let the solution process the data through our complex algorithm to analyze and make the best recommendations for your company.


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